Our Commitment to VISION

Having committed ourselves to membership and the habits essential for spiritual growth and agreeing with the pastor’s God-given direction, we endeavor to faithfully work, share in and commit to the following:

Church Vision
“We are striving to edify the kingdom of God by establishing and enhancing a Christian community of faith by Exalting the Savior, Explaining the Scriptures, and Expressing our Salvation.”

Church Mission
“Household of Faith Community Church’s mission is to proclaim the gospel of Christ with power, so that men and women are transformed into faithful disciples who then influence and empower others for Christ and His cause.”

Church Purpose
“Household of Faith Community church exists for the purpose of being a disciple-making community, finding fulfillment by Expressing Upward Glory to Christ, our Savior, Experiencing Inward Growth among the Saints, and Extending Outward Grace toward Sinners.”

Christian Values
POWERFUL WORSHIP (EXALTATION) - (The Ministry of Worship)
---Taking Worship Seriously!!!

PRACTICAL WORD (EDUCATION) - (The Ministry of Discipleship)
---Taking Discipleship Seriously!!!

(EVANGELISM) - (The Ministry of Outreach)
---In Search of Others!!!
ENCOURAGEMENT - (The Ministry of Fellowship)
---A Caring Community!!!

BUSINESS MANAGEMENT/FINANCE - (The Ministry of Stewardship)
---An Accountable Community!!!