How To Join


The Firm Foundation (New Members’ Orientation) are classes that communicate the vision, mission, purpose and philosophy of the Household of Faith Community Church. Classes are held 9:00 am Sundays and 6:00 pm Wednesdays. Below are the ways in which a person may become a member of the Household of Faith Community Church and the steps that should be followed after confessing their faith:

1. During the Invitation to Discipleship (“doors of church are opened”) people desiring to join church are invited to come down the front of the church.

2. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Savior (Romans 10).

3. Announce your faith in one of the four categories:

  •  Candidate for Baptism

  •  Letter

  •  Christian Experience (already baptized by immersion)

  •  Membership Restoration

  •  Watch Care

4. Complete the Firm Foundation (New Members’ Orientation Classes) within four weeks of joining.

  •  Complete gift survey

  •  Meet with ministry leaders and examine areas of interest to find one’s place in church life

5. Receive the ordinance of baptism by immersion, if applicable.

6. Receive the Right Hand of Fellowship.

After completing the Firm Foundation (New Members’ Orientation Classes and accepting the "Right Hand of Fellowship" we welcome and encourage new members to:

  •  Become involved in Stewardship by serving and by giving

  •  Become involved in Fellowship by serving in a Ministry